At any point during the day, we may be engaged in life’s wide spectrum, from leisure to labor. Conversations, study, or imaginative journeys are all commonplace in Misha’s. The center of this house is its coffee, a fixed point around which the activities of the entire house rotate.

Misha’s Coffee House is no exception.

A large, open floor plan which allows for sight lines that run the full length of our space. There is also large paned, north easterly facing windows in our main room. Thus, a sense of expansive and cohesive space, both interior and exterior, is maintained.

Towards the back you will find a long community table. The roaster stands nearby too, fired and churning batches of beans for hours most days. Beans scooped into the roaster straight from the heavy, fibrous cargo bags in which they were shipped to us.

Our central room includes our serving counter. On this are large glass jars containing whole bean displays of our blends and varietals. From these you may buy beans by the pound or have coffee made for you. We also always have a number of blends ready to serve, both warm and iced.

Framed paintings and photographs, a solid, pure jazz sound system are additional elements that define our space. On most days, we have outdoor side tables and chairs that create a spontaneous fourth room. And, most importantly, we have you. Any and all of our patrons that choose to be here are vital members of the house.

Like any house, mere descriptions or accounts of its spaces are inadequate conveyers. We invite you come and see it for yourself. some time populating this house with your life. We promise, in turn, to provide coffees worthy of you.